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2016_venice_posterThe poster of the 73rd Venice International Film Festival, which will take place from August 31st to September 10th, has been unveiled.

The image of a moment of expectation, and an invitation to watch the imminent screening of the films, is the theme of the official poster for the 73rd Venice International Film Festival, conceived and drawn for the fifth consecutive year by Simone Massi.

In the foreground, an unidentifiable male figure, who could be the artist Simone Massi himself or any other spectator for that matter, grasps the top of a poster/ curtain and begins to reveal what could be the screen on which, for eleven days, the films of the Venice Film Festival will be shown. The scene evokes the curiosity that kindles the expectations of the audience of film buffs before every screening at a film festival.

(source: “La Biennale di Venezia” official site)

For more information, please visit the festival’s official site.