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A Greek movie filmed totally in Andros -an island of the Aegean sea- showing more than just a tourist aspect but instead delving into its glorious as well as dark past.



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Based on a novel with the same name, written by Ioanna Karystiani 15 years ago, “Mikra Agglia”, created by famous Greek director Pantelis Voulgaris (who is also Karystiani’s husband), takes place in the 1930s. At the time Andros was known for its rich shipowner families who were trying to compete and imitate England’s middle class (hence the island was known as “Little England”). A marriage to a wealthy descendant might offer a young woman the opportunity to climb up the ladder of success and promise her a prosperous life, but nothing comes without a price.

In the film we watch the life of Savvas Saltaferos family. Being absent himself, since he is a captain living a double life with another family he has created in South America, he leaves behind his wife and two daughters. Mina Saltaferou manages both the financial and personal life of the family members. So, even if her older daughter Orsa is in love with a sailor named Spyros Maltabes, she forces her to marry Nikos Vatokouzis, a rich and noble owner of maritime corporations. In a desperate act of love and revenge Spyros marries Orsa’s younger sister Moscha, who doesn’t know anything about their love affair. Now, all of them live in the same two-storey home with a thin ceiling between the two floors making Orsa suffer every time she hears Spyros return from the sea back to his wife’s arms.

But is Orsa’s sister her true competitor? Not really. On this island all women have the same rival… the sea itself.

Genre: Drama, Romance

Starring: Pinelopi Tsilika, Sofia Kokkali, Anneza Papadopoulou, Andreas Konstantinou, Maximos Moumouris, Vasilis Vasilakis, Christos Kalavrouzos, Eirini Igglesi

Director: Pantelis Voulgaris (known for: “The Stone Years” (1985), “Quiet Days in August” (1991) and “Brides” (2004))

Writer: Ioanna Karystiani

Music by: Katerina Polemi

Language: Greek

Movie Release: December 5, 2013 (Greece)

DVD/Blu-ray Release:April 2014 (estimated)

Movie Trailer Quote: A house. A secret. One man. Two sisters.

CinemaFriend’s Trailer Rating:
Trailer Scene selection:

Trailer Music: 9/10

Total: 8.5/10

For more info about the film you can visit its official website.