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Here are the winners of the 70th Venice Film Festival.

Venezia 70 Awards

Leone d’Oro per il miglior film (Golden Lion for Best Film): “Sacro Gra” by Gianfranco Rosi (Italy, France)

Leone d’Argento per la migliore regia (Silver Lion for Best Director): Alexandros Avranas for the film “Miss Violence” (Greece)

Gran Premio della Giuria (Grand Jury Prize): “Jiaoyou” by Tsai Ming-Liang (Chinese Taipei, France)

Coppa Volpi per la migliore interpretazione maschile (Volpi Cup for Best Actor): Themis Panou in the film “Miss Violence” by Alexandros Avranas (Greece)

Coppa Volpi per la migliore interpretazione femminile (Volpi Cup for Best Actress): Elena Cotta in the film “Via Castellana Bandiera” by Emma Dante (Italy,Switzerland, France)

Premio Marcello Mastroianni (Marcello Mastroianni Award for Best New Young Actor or Actress): Tye Sheridan in the film “Joe” by David Gordon Green (USA)

Premio Per La Migliore Sceneggiatura (Award For Best Screenplay): Steve Coogan and Jeff Pope for the film “Philomena” by Stephen Frears (UK)

Premio Speciale della Giuria (Special Jury Prize): “Die Frau des Polizisten” by Philip Gröning (Germany)

Orizzonti Awards

Premio Orizzonti Per Il Miglior Film (Orizzonti Award For Best Film): “Eastern Boys” by Robin Campillo (France)

Premio Orizzonti Per La Migliore Regia (Orizzonti Award For Best Director): Uberto Pasolini for the film “Still Life” (UK, Italy)

Premio Speciale Della Giuria Orizzonti (Special Orizzonti Jury Prize): Ruin” by Michael Cody and Amiel Courtin-Wilson (Australia)

Premio Speciale Orizzonti Per Il Contenuto Innovativo (Special Orizzonti Award for Innovative Content): “Mahi Va Gorbeh” by Shahram Mokri (Iran)

Premio Speciale Orizzonti Per Il Miglior Cortometraggio (Orizzonti Award For Best Short Film): “Kush” by Shubhashish Bhutiani (India)

Opera Prima Award

Leone Del Futuro – Premio Venezia Opera Prima (Luigi De Laurentiis) (Lion of the Future – “Luigi De Laurentiis” Venice Award for a Debut Film): “White Shadow” by Ali Noaz Deshe (Italy, Germany, Tanzania)

Venezia Classici Awards

Premio Venezia Classici Per Il Miglior Documentario Sul Cinema (Venezia Classici Award for Best Documentary on Cinema): “Double Play: James Benning and Richard Linklater” by Gabe Klinger (USA, Portugal, France)

Premio Venezia Classici Per Il Miglior Film Restaurato (Venezia Classici Award for Best Restored Film): “La Proprieta Non E Piu Un Furto” by Elio Petri (Italy, France)

Other Awards

European Short Film 2013 – Efa Award: “Houses With Small Windows” by Bülent Öztürk (Belgium)

Leone D’oro Alla Carriera 2013 (Golden Lion For Lifetime Achievement 2013): William Friedkin (director, screenwriter and producer from USA)

Known as director for: “The French Connection” (1971), “The Exorcist” (1973)

Recent Movie: “Killer Joe” (2011)

Jaeger-Lecoultre Glory To The Filmmaker: Ettore Scola (director and screenwriter from Italy)

Known as director for: “Le Bal” (1983), “La Famiglia” (1987)

Recent Movie: “Che Strano Chiamarsi Federico!” (2013)

Premio Persol (Persol Award): Andrzej Wajda (Director, screenwriter and producer from Poland)

Known as director for: “Man of Iron” (1981), “Danton” (1983)

Recent Movie: “Walesa. Man of Hope” (2013)

Premio L’Oréal Paris Per Il Cinema (L’Oréal Paris Per Il Cinema Award): Eugenia Constantini (Actress from Italy)

Recent Movie: “Una Famiglia Perfetta” (2012) by Paolo Genovese

For more info about the festival you can visit its official website.

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