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A film about the friendship between a young immigrant, Driss, living in the suburbs of Paris and…

his rich French employer, Philippe, who is quadriplegic and therefore forced to sit on a wheel chair. When Driss visits Philippe’s home to get the papers for his unemployment benefit he can’t imagine that he would become Philippe’s assistant. But this unfitting -at first sight- relationship will result in a very strong friendship between two men from completely different backgrounds. This is an excellent movie, funny but at the same time touching. And it’s a movie which is better than it’s trailer! An exception there.

Starring: Francois Cluzet, Omar Sy, Audrey Fleurot, Anne Le Ny

Directors: Olivier Nakache, Eric Toledano

Movie Trailer Song: “Red Lights” – Vib Gyor

Language: French

Release Date: 25 May 2012 (USA)

Movie Quote: “Sometimes you have to reach into someone else’s world to find what’s missing in your own.”

CinemaFriend’s Trailer Rating

Trailer Scene selection: 6/10

Trailer Dialogs: 8/10

Trailer Music: 8/10

Trailer Visual Effects: 7/10

Total: 7.3/10

CinemaFriend’s Movie Rating: 8/10

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