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Here is a list of Leonardo DiCaprio Movie Roles (literally!) from A to Z from CinemaFriend:

A: Author (The Basketball Diaries (1995)), Artist (Titanic (1997))

C:Celebrity (Celebrity (1998)), Cop (The Departed (2006)), CIA Agent (Body of Lies (2008))

D: Director (and aviator) (The Aviator (2004))

F: Forger (Catch Me If You Can (2002)), FBI Director (J. Edgar (2011))

G: Gunshop Owner (The Quick and the Dead (1995))

I: Irish immigrant (Gangs of New York (2002))

K: King (and his twin brother) (The Man in the Iron Mask (1998))

M: Mentally Disabled Boy (What’s Eating Gilbert Grape (1993)), Mentally Disturbed Teenager (Marvin’s Room (1996))

P: Poet (Total Eclipse (1995))

R: Romeo (Romeo+Juiliet (1996))

S: Smuggler (Blood Diamond (2006)), Salesperson (Revolutionary Road (2008))

T: Teenager (This boy’s life (1993) / Don’s Plum (2001)), Traveler (The Beach(2000)), Thief (Inception (2010))

U: US Marshal (Shutter Island (2010))