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Since Woody Allen crossed the Atlantic Ocean and went to Europe he seems like he never wants to go back.

New York used to be Woody Allen’s beloved city. It was the background (or maybe the actual star) of his first movies. But during the last decade Woody Allen has discovered the European air, the historic beauty and the innovative architecture of famous cities like London (Match Point, You will meet a tall dark stranger), Paris (Midnight in Paris), Barcelona (Vicky, Christina, Barcelona). So, next stop is Rome.

The movie trailer shows from the very first seconds the ancient capital in beautiful sunset colors. The characters wander around the picturesque streets, nice open squares; Rome seems like a renaissance painting. But what about the story. The latest Woody Allen movies seem to follow a similar pattern concerning the subject. Relationships and their complications, a number of different characters mingle and their seemingly well planned lives turn upside-down.

This recipe seemed to work well in some of Woody’s latest movies, either dramatic ones (Match Point) or with a lighter comedy tone (Whatever works, Midnight in Paris), whereas in a few others it didn’t (You will meet a tall dark stranger). But the Italian recipe will probably be a delicious one since it contains good ingredients. That is, a very strong cast which consists of both new actors/actresses and mature ones, all famous, successful and awarded.

Starring: Jesse Eisenberg, Alec Baldwin, Woody Allen, Penelope Cruz, Ellen Page, Roberto Benigni

Movie Trailer Quote: “-I got 150, 160 IQ.

                                       -You figuring it in euros, in dollars it’s much less.”

CinemaFriend’s Trailer Rating: ******** (8/10)