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This is the fourth movie of the series that started with the missing memory agent Jason Bourne.

Matt Damon decided not to be a part of it this time, so Jeremy Renner (also known from Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol) comes in. The question that the movie is centered around is this: How many missing memory agents exist? Was this a one man experiment? Or was Jason Bourne the prototype, the first one of a series of other agents who followed?

The movie quote itself answers this question. There was never one. But how many will eventually be? It will depend on the success at the box-office. Sure thing is that Jeremy Renner is a new action heroe with a bright future ahead of him (he will play again a role at Mission: Impossible 5, which has already been announced).

The trailer itself looks a lot like the old Bourne movies. Action, chasing, shooting, well-known actors. But is this enough? What makes the Bourne movies special is their atmosphere and strong story. Tony Gilroy (director of Duplicity and Michael Clayton two slow movies compared with this one) who has co-written the screenplay of all the Bourne movies is stepping behind the camera. We certainly trust him for the scenario so now we’ll see his skills in direction.

Starring: Jeremy Renner, Edward Norton, Rachel Weisz, Joan Allen

Movie Quote: “There was never just one”

CinemaFriend’s Trailer Rating: ******** (8/10)