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Here is the list of the movies in the category “Un Certain Regard” of the 65th Cannes Film Festival.

(Opening Film) Mystery – Ye Lou (recent movie: Love and Bruises (2011)/ known for: Suzhou River (2000))

Miss Lovely –  Ashim Ahluwalia (recent movie: John & Jane (2005) (documentary)/ known for: Thin Air (1999 (documentary))

La Playa DC – Juan Andres Arango (first film)

Les Chevaux de Dieu (God’s Horses) – Nabil Ayouch (recent movie: Whatever Lola wants (2007)/ known for: Ali Zoua: Prince of the Streets (2000))

Djeca (Children of Sarajevo) – Aida Begic (recent movie: Do not forget me Istanbul (2011)/ known for: Snow (2008))

Trois Mondes (Three Worlds) – Catherine Corsini (recent movie: Leaving (2009)/ known for: Replay (2001))

Antiviral – Brandon Cronenberg (first film)

7 Dias en la Habana (7 Days in Havana) – Benicio DEL TORO, Pablo TRAPERO, Julio MEDEM, Elia SULEIMAN, Juan Carlos TABIO, Gaspard NOÉ, Laurent CANTET

Laurence Anyways – Xavier Dolan (recent movie: Heartbeats (2010)/ known for: I killed my Mother (2009))

Le Grand Soir – Gustave Kervern, Benoit Delepine (recent movie: Mammuth (2010)/ known for: Aaltra (2004))

Despues de Lucia – Michel Franco (recent movie: Daniel and Ana (2009)/ known for: Daniel and Ana (2009))

A Perdre la Raison – Joachim Lafosse (recent movie: Private Lessons (2008)/ known for: Private Property (2006))

Gimme the Loot – Adam Leon (first film)

Student – Darezhan Omirbayev (recent movie: Shuga (2007)/ known for: Killer (1998))

La Pirogue (The Pirogue) – Moussa Toure (recent movie: TGV (1998)/ known for: TGV (1998))

Elefante Blanco (White Elephant) – Pablo Trapero (recent movie: Carancho (2010)/ known for: Lion’s Den (2008))

Confession of a Child of the Century – Sylvie Verheyde (recent movie: Stella (2008)/ known for: Stella (2008))

11.25 Jiketsu No Hi, Mishima Yukio To Wakamonotachi (11.25 The Day he Chose his Own Fate) – Koji Wakamatsu (recent movie: Kaien Hoteru – buru (2012)/ known for: United Red Army (2007))

Beasts of the Southern Wild – Behn Zeitlin (first film)

(Closing film) Renoir – Gilles Bourdos (recent movie: Afterwards (2008)/ known for: Afterwards (2008))