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The “Prix Un Certain Regard” (french for: A Certain Glance Prize), which was introduced in 1998, is destined to support young directors and award them for their innovative work.

The “Un Certain Regard” Jury of the 65th Cannes Film Festival was unveiled. So here are its famous members:

Tim Roth President of the Jury (British actor and director) (known as an actor for: Pulp Fiction (1994), Rob Roy (1995) and as a director for: The War Zone (1999))

Leïla Bekhti
(French actress) (known for: The Source (2011), Une Vie Meilleure (2011))

Tonie Marshall (French director, writer and producer) (known as a director/writer for: Venus Beauty Institute (1999), Nearest to Heaven (2002))

Luciano Monteagudo (Cinema critic at Pàgina/12 in Buenos Aires)

Sylvie Pras (Head of Cinemas at Centre Pompidou in Paris, Artistic Director of La Rochelle Film Festival)

The Jury will have the difficult task to decide about one winner between the 20 films competing in this category.

One day before the end of the Cannes Film Festival 2012, on May 26th, the “Un Certain Regard” Jury will give away it’s own award at the Debussy Theater in Cannes.

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