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Making a movie trailer is very important, since it’s the most common way that people can take a short look at an upcoming film. It’s actually the only way to communicate with the possible audience. Also, the movie trailer will be seen by a lot more people than the movie itself. So, it’s very important that in a few minutes (1:10 minutes for a teaser trailer, to 5 minutes) the viewer will be convinced to see a movie (or not)! A bad selection of movie scenes, lines, or music can create a negative idea for a good film. But on the other hand, it’s quite difficult to find enough good scenes to create a good trailer if the movie itself doesn’t provide any! Unless the audience is completely deceived about the movie content, which can happen only in a small percentage of movies. The more trailers one has seen, the more trained he is in distinguishing a good movie (trailer) from a bad one. For all the rest there is CinemaFriend…!