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Now that’s a movie trailer that makes you wanna see the movie! And a movie that makes you wanna read the book (a novel by American writer Hunter S. Thompson written in the early 1960s but published in 1998). Usually if you have seen a movie based on a book you either like it or hate it. But most of the times since you already know the ending you don’t wanna go reading the book.  In Rum Diary you just can’t wait to read in detail Hunter’s descriptions about the place, the people, the details of the story. A closer insight about what was left unsaid and unseen. The movie itself shows us a great deal about the fascinating story but it can only reach up to 120 minutes. So not everything can be told. Rum Diary seems to be a good idea for a summer book on a sandy beach (not necessarily Puerto Rican beach if one can’t afford it!). But let’s talk about the movie trailer. Nice pictures, interesting music, beautiful faces and funny lines. As you can imagine the diary has been written with a little help from a bottle of good Puerto Rican rum…

Starring: Johnny Depp, Aaron Eckhart, Michael Rispoli, Amber Heard

Movie Quote: “Absolutely nothing in moderation”

CinemaFriend’s trailer rating: ******** (8/10)