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Do you want to know what the Holywood stars are searching in the Internet just before they take a walk on the red carpet? What they type in to Google search secretly a few hours before the Academy Awards big night? Let’s take a guess:

  1. Oscar 2012 nominations (You have to know your enemy. You have to know what to expect. Who you wanna talk to and who to avoid.)
  2. What will she/he be wearing? (You don’t want to be in front of an unpleasant surprise, certainly not in the Oscar night. Of course you can always count on your personal assistant, but there’s no harm making sure you will be the best dressed with a little help from the internet…)
  3. Oscars 2012 predictions (You are almost certainly sure you will be the big winner but what do the others think about that. It’s not enough for you to win, you want the whole world to believe that you’ll win!)
  4. Thank you speeches (Who has time to start writing a thank you speech. It’s not an easy job you know. Try not to be boring, be funny –but not insulting!, be short and unforgettable.)
  5. Oscar after party (Where will they all go afterwards? Are you sure you are invited to the right party? Or is it a common secret that you’ll end up again in the losers’ party? No, not this year!)

What do you think? Anything you would like to add?